Gung Hey Fat Choy

Today the Year of the Ox begins. Chinese New Year marks a fresh start, a new beginning. Lots of celebrating around here. Richmond is very Asian. I decided to see if I could find some tips for making this year more auspicious since more luck in our current real estate market would be good for everyone. Found an article by Gennaro Salamone on that seemed perfect: 6 Steps to a Lucky Chinese New Year. He says the six key things to bring about a fortunate year are 1) Use citrus fruit as it represents good health and long life 2)Clean your home to sweep away last year's bad luck then decorate with red accessories and flowers 3)Eat lucky foods 4)Give out red money envelopes if you are married to unmarried people (and remember that even amounts of money are better than odd for luck) 5)Wear red and 6)Greet everyone with "Gung Hey Fat Choy" which will wish them prosperity and wealth. So Gung Hey Fat Choy...I'm off to eat some long noodles (for long life) and an orange!

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