Is your exterior attractive enough?

Growing up we were all told not to judge a book by its cover but when it comes to real estate we do. Curb appeal (how your home looks from the street) often determines whether or not a buyer will actually want to see your house. This is the invisible force that will make someone drive by the open house signs or make them want to stop and see the property. Online it is the force that makes someone stay on your listing clicking through your photos or makes them click onto the next listing. 

CENTURY 21 Canada has prepared some tips to help you prepare your property from the outside in to ensure the outside of your home is attractive enough to encourage a walkthrough:

1. Tidy up -- Rake leaves, sweep walkways, and clear the front steps.

2. Color splash -- Brighten your landscape with seasonal flowers; weed garden beds; remove dead shrubbery or trees.

3. Fresh cut -- Mow your lawn and edge the sidewalks for a manicured look.

4. Remove clutter -- Neatly stow garbage cans, gardening supplies, and all unnecessary items out of sight in the garage or shed.

5. Face lift -- A fresh coat of paint on the front door, new doormats, and clean windows will freshen up the house and make it seem newer.

6. Functionality -- Fix or replace broken doorbells, outdoor lighting, wobbly hand rails, and loose paving stones.

7. Consider the rear view -- Buyers will want to see your backyard. The same rules apply: keep it tidy, colorful, well-maintained, decluttered, and functional. Stow excess furniture and all children's toys. 


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