Is your home really for sale?

Sometimes it feels like homes are on summer vacation right along with their owners. There are three reasons why a property has trouble selling: price, condition and access. If it is difficult to see your place, it will take longer to sell. In an ideal situation, your agent should be able to show your property whenever a request is made. Not all buyers will wait for sellers to get back from vacations (this happens when the agent is not given a key to the property). There are many reasons to keep your property on the market if you are heading out of town. The best one is not having to worry about cleaning before a showing. It also means your agent can check your plants for you and bring in the free community newspapers that get left at your doorstep while a showing is taking place. And if an offer should come in while you are away, it can always be emailed to you or faxed to your hotel.

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