Make Your Front Entrance Welcoming

A large pot of flowers by your front door will make visitors to your home feel welcome and adds to the street appeal of your property. Begin by purchasing a large exterior pot in a color that complements your house colour. If the pot is very deep, fill the bottom with bits of styrofoam or empty plastic flower pots. Insert a large garbage bag into the now half full pot and fill the garbage bag with potting soil. Purchase flowering plants from your favorite garden shop and either plant them into the pot or insert the potted plant into the dirt filled garbage bag in your pot. Try to get different heights using taller and shorter plants and some that trail....use extra dirt or more empty pots to raise some plants if necessary. When the plants have finished blooming, you can move them to the garden for blooming next year. Replace the missing plants with something else that is in bloom. Your front door pot will always look great and will make you and your guests feel special.


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