Preparing your house for Chinese New Year

Is your house ready for Chinese New Year? The Year of the Horse starts on January 31, 2014 which means there is still time to get your home ready...if you work quickly! Start by cleaning your house from top to bottom (think spring cleaning). This helps to remove all the bad luck of the previous year and make space for all the new luck that is coming. Kathryn Weber in her article "Prepare Your Feng Shui for the New Year" prepares a list to help us get out with the old:

1. De-clutter

2. Sweep or vacuum

3. Do the laundry

4. Clean the bathroom

5. Empty all trashcans

6. Clean out the refrigerator

7. Clear out visual clutter

8. Yard work

9. Change the sheets and towels

10. Clean the car

She says the goal is to make as much space as possible since it is impossible to bring in the new if there is no space for it! After the house is sparkly, it is time to decorate with lucky plants which would include orange trees, mandarin or kumquat trees, lucky bamboo, branches of cherry blossoms, and stalks of pussy willows. Add a bowl of 8, 9 or 10 oranges too. These are the numbers for prosperity and oranges represent gold! Finish your preparations before the new year arrives -- sweeping during the first few days of the new year could mean sweeping away all your new luck! Chinese New Year celebrations continue for 15 days...what a great time to go house shopping if all the properties have been sparkled up!


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