Putting the Spotlight on Uli, the "Dog with a Job"

Every morning, I walk or run 7 to 8 kilometers through the Elgin-Chantrell neighbourhood with Uli, our 11 month-old German Shepherd. While these outings provide great exercise, they also serve to keep me connected to our neighbourhood, giving me a first-hand view of where we live. In that way, Uli really is a “Dog with a Job”, since she ensures that I am out on a daily basis, becoming the most knowledgeable real estate agent in this neighbourhood.
Like most German Shepherds, Uli is naturally intelligent and requires daily physical and mental exercise. She is a
loving, courageous, and cheerful pup, and is always eager to learn or play. We purchased Uli from the Champion breeder “Bullinger Shepherds” in Aldergrove, where she was born on April 18th, 2013. This breeder ensures her dogs are of pure German blood lines; she even has a kennel in Germany to guarantee pure lines. Demonstrating this commitment to quality breeding is the fact that Uli’s Grandfather was the former World Champion German Shepherd. Uli is our first German Shepherd (our previous dog, Ursa, was an Alaskan Malamute), and my wife and I both love this breed.
The German Shepherd was originally bred in Germany to herd and protect sheep, but now are often bred to work as police dogs. They make excellent guard and family dogs, as they are very loyal and are one of the most intelligent breeds. They have lots of energy and love getting lots of exercise, which is one of the reasons that Uli adores our daily runs around Elgin-Chantrell.
We can often be found on the Semiahmoo Trail or the Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest Nature Trails, but we also extensively cover the nearby neighbourhood streets. I am able to see the development and growth, as well as appreciate the established properties in this beautiful area. I strongly feel this is how a REALTOR® can best serve a neighbourhood, by understanding its pulse and talking with the other people who call it home. Uli’s insistence at going out each day helps me do this. She really is the best work-out buddy I have ever had!
 So, next time you see us exploring our Elgin-Chantrell streets or parks, please feel free to say “Hi.” Uli and I would love to stop and chat.


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