Quick Feng Shui Remedies For Your Home

Does your home feel good? Tien Wee, an interior designer/Feng Shui expert with Lucky Monkey Home says Feng Shui is how you place items in your home so that all the great CHI (energy) will come in. He spoke at the Organizing with Feng Shui seminar held by the Westside Division of the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver and said it's not just a Chinese thing. Feng Shui is for everyone. We all wanted to know the same thing...how do you use Feng Shui to help sell your home. Tien had a few quick remedies for us that will make homes feel great (even if they are not for sale). First play classical music. He says it will remedy many challenges. Second clear out your clutter since stuff all over the place keeps energy from flowing. Third be conscious of everything that enters your home. He said we should ask ourselves if our things will appeal to most people (right now in his opinion, a neutral contemporary style is ideal for most buyers). Lastly, concentrate on "fixing" your entrance, master bedroom and dining room. The entrance is the most important zone in your home since it is the first one people see. Add a great door mat to welcome guests. For balance, add two planters to either side of the front door. Remove any mirrors directly facing the front door since they'll send energy and buyers away. And, if your staircase lines up with the door, add an accent piece elsewhere in the entrance to direct eyes away from the staircase. In the master bedroom, he says the goal is to create a calm restful environment. Use earth tones, yellows or whites if you plan to repaint. Have a solid headboard, two matching night tables and two matching bedside lamps on those tables. Reduce the number of plants in this room. And either remove your TV or hide it in a cupboard. The most important thing to do with your dining room is to make sure you have one. Then set an even number of chairs around the table. Add a mirror that will reflect what's on the table and make sure you have something nice looking on the table itself. Tien will do personal consultations if you are intrigued -- he charges by the square foot (for spaces under 1000 sq ft it would cost $888). You will be amazed how a few small changes can make a big difference about how you (and buyers) feel about your home!

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