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More good News for the strata community

For a lot of strata corporations it is hard to get volunteers to sit on strata council and usually only a few people that have been on council for years step up.  Others do not volunteer because of fear, and questions like what do I have to do?" Most strata managers will attest to that, and state that occasionally you get volunteers that have a personal axe to grind or a personal agenda contrary to that of the strata corporation.  The manager now is in the awkward position of trying to advise the council members that they need to work in the best interest of all the owners without any personal gain or self-interest.  An inordinate amount of time is then spent teaching new council members protocols and procedures.  Luckily most strata's have stable councils and volunteer owners willing to act in the best interest of all the owners and the strata corporation.

The good news is the Real Estate Institute of B.C.. (R.E.I.B.C.) is developing an educational/training program for strata council members that will include introduction to the Strata Property Act and strata corporation procedures and council governance, down to the basics of how to run a strata council meeting.

It appears that the program will be self-funded and sustainable.  Strata corporations need to realize this benefit and adopt a policy of sending new council members for this invaluable training, as I believe it will pay back the Strata Corporation and owners ten fold.

R.E.I.B.C. is planning to roll out this program in late 2015 or early 2016.

Good Show R.E.I.B.C., stay tuned for more updates.

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