Street Appeal is for Backyards too

Curb appeal doesn't stop at your front door. It doesn't stop once you get inside the house either. Buyers expect it to extend all the way through to your back fence. This time of year has buyers craving outdoor space as much as indoor. To maximize your chances of getting an offer at a price that will make you happy, spend a little time getting the outdoor portions of your property into show condition too. You are selling the illusion of what life would be like in your yard. Most buyers are not looking for the feeling of lots of outdoor maintenance. Lawn that is cut and edged looks low maintenance (even if it is not). Trees and shrubs that are pruned also give the illusion of a low maintenance lifestyle. Pick up the toys in the yard (the goal after all is tranquil oasis). Make sure the sidewalks and driveways are clear and that it is easy to get in and out of the garage. Neatly coil the hose. Put cars and bikes away. You want it to look like there is space for everything and not like the reason you are moving is because there isn't enough room for all your outdoor stuff.

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