Team Power Smart and the 2010 Winter Games

I just joined Team Power Smart and now I could win tickets to the 2010 Winter Olympics. What a cool bonus. BC Hydro is having monthly draws for Olympic ticket packages (2 tickets!) to encourage people to sign up. There were already 75,606 members when I went online. The goal is for at least 210,000 households to join and take up the challenge to save at least 10 per cent...then there would be enough electricity to power the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. Richmond currently ranks as the number four community with 3,197 members (Vancouver is in the lead with over 11,000!). At first I was reluctant to commit to the challenge. I thought it would be impossible to reduce my usage by that much but I do love a challenge. My first things to implement will be turning off the power bar for my computer and TV when they are not in use, and shopping for compact fluorescent light bulbs (supposedly lighting accounts for up to 20% of our total energy use). BC Hydro's website is full of tips on how to reduce usage. Can't wait to see how long it will take before I start to see a difference on my bills. 

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