The Semiahmoo Trail

Uli and I love to walk and run the Semiahmoo Trail in the Elgin-Chantrell neighbourhood of South Surrey. It’s a beautiful trail running behind houses and through the woods, and is a great way to enjoy our City’s natural riches.

Did you know that the Trail is also an important part of Surrey’s history?

It was built in 1873 as a wagon road from the Fraser River to the US border, linking New Westminster to Semiahmoo (present day Blaine, Washington) and opening the area up to settlement. It is believed that prior to the road being built, the trail had been an aboriginal travel-way between villages.

The cost to build the road was $13,862 and starting in the 1880’s, a nine-seat stage coach ran twice weekly from New Westminster down to the US border. According to the City of Surrey’s website, “Today, although the trail south of 24 Avenue deviates from the line of the old Wagon Road, the section between 28 Avenue and 24 Avenue provides a glimpse into what the road would have originally been like”. 

If you are a fan of history or just a fan of nature, I encourage you to check out this gem of a trail. You won’t be disappointed. And, if you see Uli and me running by, don’t hesitate to say “Hi”!


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