Try This On Your Barbeque: Halibut & Salmon Skewers

On the menu at The Boathouse in New Westminster this June they have Halibut & Salmon Skewers marinated in lime vinaigrette and butter. They are delicious. It would be worth trying these on your barbeque or grill. They taste like the salmon and halibut chunks along with green pepper pieces, onion pieces, and mushrooms are marinated in lime juice, melted butter, salt and pepper before they were put onto the skewers and grilled. When the fish is flaky and the vegetables are nicely browned they are served on a bed of risotto with asparagus spears along side. A grilled half lime is the garnish. This is certainly worth a try. could just go to The Boathouse and order them.....and then go for a walk along the river.

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