What Does The Street Appeal of Your Home Reveal About You?

Driving by a newer home in an older subdivision a couple of days ago, I couldn't help but notice the great street appeal. The style was not typical for the community but did fit in ..the color of the stucco was different but very nice...the front garden was simple but full of "wow". The whole picture is still clear in my mind. There was a lot of atttention to detail in the finishing of the home and of the garden. What a beautiful picture! Who lives there? What are the people like? It seems that they must be people who know very clearly what they like and want....nothing extreme but something classy and in good taste. Would their character be similar to the home and garden? Hmmm...what does the street appeal of your home reveal about you? Are you very organized without one blade of grass out of place? Are you a collector of things with a garden too full of plants? Are you too busy to have a front garden? Are you colorful or flamboyant?  What is your home saying about you?

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