When Something Looks Too Good To Be True, It Probably Is

Many years ago a young couple came with their agent to view a townhouse that I had listed for sale. The buyers liked the property but not the garden. They really wanted a Japanese style garden but did not want to do the work involved to remove all the hosta plants that had been growing around the patio. I had just bought some hosta and was hoping to get more for our garden. It didn't take many minutes for me to offer to remove all the hosta from the patio area. There was some other interesting plant growing in the area as well that the buyer did not want. I couldn't believe my luck....all those free plants.....The buyer was happy and wrote an offer. The seller was happy and accepted the offer. I was happy to see everyone else happy and to have all those free plants for our garden. Well....the other interesting plant turned out to be an invasive ground cover. I am constantly having to weed it out of the flower beds. Now when I'm down on my hands and knees yanking out those "interesting" plants, I think to myself...I should have known it was too good to be true.

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