Where Is Your "Cabin"?

Whenever someone says  "I'm going to the cabin" we usually picture a structure either in the woods or by some water. Time at the cabin is always relaxing, peaceful, happy, refreshing, rejuvenating, quiet, a chance to get away from everyday expectations, a chance to escape. But...can you also get some of those same feelings in a different kind of "cabin"? Where is your "cabin"? Is it a luxurious hotel room for a weekend? is it camping in a tent trailer/trailer/motorhome by the beach? is it taking your boat out on the water? is it hiking in the mountains? is it going on a cruise ship? is it taking a bus or train tour? is it going on a road trip? or is it something else? It seems that we all need or are looking for what an actual cabin can provide... an escape.  Discover  and enjoy your "cabin"...life will be much more fun.

Vancouver "cabin" with city view....Sheraton Vancouver

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