Will your bathroom be considered "Luxurious" in 2016?

Three things will make your bathroom luxurious in 2016: a walk-in shower, radiant heat flooring and a freestanding bathtub according to a recent blog by the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing entitled "2016 Luxury Bathroom Design Trends." The blog reports that in the luxurious bathrooms of 2016 we will see the size of the shower continue to grow. Imagine a shower that could be as big as a guest room!  We should be seeing more frameless glass doors or an entry hall to the shower which will eliminate the need to even have a door. Warm floors need no explanation. Who wouldn't want warm toes? The last trend, the freestanding bathtub, is thought to be a good way to introduce different shapes into a room that is traditionally very angular. The blog says that a freestanding bathtub is a necessity for any home spa.

I found all three at the Jacken Homes new project 9055 Dayton Avenue, a collection of 23 detached strata homes built around a clubhouse. Their three bedroom homes start at $1,668,000 for 2021 sq ft of luxury and more than one very luxurious bathroom. Here are a few photos of the ensuite in the display suite:


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