Your home is now for sale: preparing your closets for showings

Know the feeling -- walking into a display suite or show home and saying, "I could live here."  It is easy to give your home that feeling too. All it takes is a few boxes and a lot of storage space someplace else. We all love the uncluttered look and feel of a display suite or show home. Try to give your closets that look when your home is for sale. I used to tell all my sellers that the goal was having closets and cupboards that could be easily opened without something falling out on the buyer. This really isn't enough if you want to compete on the level of the show suite or show home. No buyer wants a closet that doesn't have room for all the current owner's stuff (ie. how will the buyer's stuff fit, if the seller is having trouble). The show home look goes beyond that and actually becomes quite liberating once tried. Just pack away anything you are not actively using. This actually serves two purposes: your closet looks great (yeah, lots of space) and you are one step closer with all the packing you will need to do once your home sells.

 The before look

 The after look

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