Coming Soon: West Newton Cricket Park

One of the most exciting things about life in a new subdivision is the new parks that come with it. Within a 5-minute walk of my listing at 12893 59 Avenue, Surrey , I have discovered two brand new parks. Panorama Park is in one direction and the West Newton Cricket Park is just down the street.

 Looking at the cricket field from the corner of the parking area. The 9.4 acre park is located north of HIghway 10 in the pocket between 128th and 132nd Street in the middle of a brand new subdivision. The area features 2-level homes with basements. Imagine front porches, peaked roofs, back old fashioned feeling kind of place to call home! 

 The park's parking area. Construction continues on the field house and playground area -- this is anticipated to be finished by Summer 2014 according to Surrey's website. Once complete, the park will have a full-size grass cricket pitch, a field house and washroom building, a walking loop, a playground, open grass areas for spectators and of course, parking.

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