Lock-it-and-leave-it Living

Flyers, pamphlets and post cards advertising new projects come across my desk all the time...so many new places to live...so many new reasons to live there. My favorite new one is "Lock-it-and-leave-it Living." Developers appear to be going after the Baby Boomers with a new twist on an old theme. While downsizing can sound like a lot of work, lock-it-and-leave-it living sounds like a lot of fun. It pegs the true purpose of the move as being travel and adventure, and emphasizes that there is enough space to bring all the stuff from the house with you. A double-sided postcard from River Rock Landing sits in front of me. It promises buyers the chance to "live life on your own terms without loosing the space and comfort of a single family home." It is for apartments in Port Coquitlam. The front shows a black and white photo of a smiling trendy-looking couple in their 50s. The headline reads: "The right place. The right time." The reverse shows the plan they've picked out (1230 sq ft 2 bedroom and den with 484 sq ft of patio) with notes written all over it: "We can see the park"....."my dream kitchen".....and by the walk-in closet, "Note to self: Buy more shoes."  They have found a new home to compliment their changing lifestyle. I'm not sure that this lifestyle is just meant for Baby Boomers. Don't we all want the freedom to travel, to lock the door and get away? Doesn't this make living in a townhouse or an apartment sound more appealing than saying I couldn't afford a house? I wonder if this also means we'll start to see more storage spaces being built into new places for all the life we're bringing with us! 

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