Path Home begins in Orlando, Florida at CENTURY 21's International Convention

My blog begins in Orlando, Florida where I have come to attend CENTURY 21's International Convention. I am one of thousands of gold jackets from around the world who have come to celebrate THE POWER OF GOLD. General Session February 29th reminded us that our network is truly our edge. The system is in 50 countries, with 8000 offices and 140,000 agents. Luckily not everyone is here. That would be a very big convention! 2008's marketing plan was introduced: Now more than ever your CENTURY 21 agent is your path home.  Everyone I meet has said the nicest things about my home, the Vancouver area. Everyone wants to live there. An agent from the Dominican Republic said there is no green like a Pacific Northwest green which made me smile. Everyone loves our mountains. And, everyone seems to think we are living in the most beautiful place in the world. Everyone was also surprised that starter homes come with an equally beautiful half a million dollar price tag! Our key speaker yesterday was financial wizard Suze Orman, known as America's most recognized expert on personal finance. She reminded us that people will always want to own real estate since you can't live in a stock certificate or a barrel of oil or a bar of gold and believes that the American market will turn around this year. This lead her to say,"Now is the time to buy! Now is the time to buy! Now is the time to buy!" Sounds like we will all be busy in the coming months. Also met and was inspired by technology speaker Amy Chorew. She makes our new media sound exciting and not nearly as intimidating. She is the reason I have started blogging. So my path home begins here with this blog.

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