Secret Gardens: 7500 Abercrombie Drive

What you see from the outside isn't always what you will be getting on the inside. This is especially true when looking at the grounds of a condominium. Often a building will have wraparound gardens along its outside perimeter. This is what the public sees. Residents sometimes have secret gardens hidden out of sight. These secret gardens are part of the common property and give residents more outdoor space to enjoy. It is like having a private park.

 The inner courtyard garden at Windgate Court is located on the second floor of 7500 Abercrombie Drive, Richmond. This garden area is designed for resident use and can not be seen from the street!

 Maintenance of the courtyard garden at Windgate Court is included in the maintenance fee. On August 23, 2012 the landscapers were working on pruning the shrubs along the edge of the garden area. The units on the second and third floors are built around the garden and linked together by covered walkways.  

 Covered walkways at 7500 Abercrombie Drive link the units to the main lobby elevator and the back elevator. The walkways look down on the garden areas.

 The units on the second and third floor of Windgate Court have their own "outdoor" front doors. This gives them the feeling of being townhouses (with the added security of the best features of apartment living -- secure front lobbies, gated parking, elevators, storage lockers). The entrance to unit 220 is shown. This 1313 sq ft 2 bedroom + family room home is currently available for $358,800. It has a south-facing patio and a north balcony. The south patio looks out onto the courtyard garden.

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