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Welcome, pull up a chair.

Whether you’re brand new or established, get answers to your C21® career questions here. Real estate is a thriving industry – people will always need to buy and sell property.
There’s limitless opportunity but, more importantly, we offer complete support. Sample our special house blend of tech, marketing, & education tools below (careful, it’s hot).



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Why choose a real estate career? 

Some people want more than a job. They want complete control of their income and hours. They want their efforts to equal their results. They want a supported, established career choice. They love variety and meeting new people. Plus, they feel fulfilled helping others reach their dreams every day. Sound like you?

Why work with CENTURY 21? 

We invest in your success. That’s why our REALTORS® get everything they need to thrive: innovative marketing tech, mobile websites, CRM, exclusive coaching programs and the world’s largest, most recognized residential real estate network (just saying). What would global listing exposure and over 100,000 referral contacts do for you?


Real Estate Career Q&A

What’s the best part of the career?
The ability to be in control of my earning potential and to create a schedule that works for our household. In real estate, you get out of it what you put into it. My career allows me to schedule my work around my family activities, and allows me to travel and work at my own pace.

- Ericka Fowler, REALTOR®, CENTURY 21 Westmann.com Ltd. (Brandon, MB)

What’s a typical day like for a REALTOR®?
Today I ran around gathering lock boxes, signatures for possession changes, etc. I made phone calls (got two listing appointments) and talked to two fabulous CENTURY 21 agents to ask for help to find a referral agent in a remote community in their province. I love that I can call out of the blue, ask for help, get help and a cheery supportive answer! Showing houses tonight and starting all over tomorrow with a completely different schedule! Life's never dull.


- Tracey Anderson, REALTOR®, CENTURY 21 Carrie.com (Winnipeg, MB)

What are the benefits of working with a brand?

Credibility, name recognition, excellent tools and, of course, an awesome family of like-minded professionals that we get together with at least once or twice a year!

- Julie Martin, REALTOR®, CENTURY 21 Home Realty Inc. (Kitchener, ON)

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