10 Clever Container Gardens We Love From Joanna Gaines

Hang It Up

Rachel Whyte

Instead of a light fixture, Joanna suspended a platform filled with vintage books and potted herbs in this breakfast nook. It provides a focal point and keeps the table clear for coffee and cereal.

Modern and Organic

Rachel Whyte

Succulents in rustic, carved-wood planters fill an empty corner with plant life.  

Herb-Filled Atrium

In one of Chip and Jo's first Fixer Upper renovations, they transformed a run-down atrium into a plant-filled greenhouse brimming with herbs.  

Cedar planters line the walls, while chalkboard labels help keep these rows recipe-ready. 

When In Doubt? Go Vintage

Jennifer Boomer/Getty Images

Joanna is a master of repurposing thrift-store finds as clever wall decor. Here, she uses vintage baking sheets to frame bud vases, but you could easily sub in pint-sized succulent pots. Vintage crates, chicken feeders, letter holders and tool boxes? Yep, she's done it all, with adorable results. 

Rachel Whyte

Rachel Whyte

Larsen & Talbert Photography

Accessorize With Plants

Match the planter to your surroundings. Here, Joanna was outfitting a midcentury modern home, so she went for a low, organic wooden planter filled with succulents and accented with smooth stones. Going for a nautical look? Search the bait and tackle shop for inspiration. 

Source: HGTV.com

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