11 Things You’ll Learn When You Buy Your First Home

1. How to briskly fill out form after form after seriously complicated, confusing form.

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“What am I signing? My soul away?” *delirious laughter*

2. How to appease the condo board gods…otherwise known as the members of the condo board.

“Please let me live here. PLEASE.”

3. How to really, really, REALLY hone in on the details.

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Do all of the cabinet doors work? What about the drawers in the kitchen? How about every single light switch in the house? You will be responsible for all of these fixes after you buy, so you better find and point these problems out now.

4. How to chill during an insane bidding war.

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“Somebody else wants to live in MY home? How dare they?! I practically already own it! OMG, they better not be throwing down cash.”

5. What closing costs are and why they exist… Just kidding! You’ll never learn that. You’ll just pay them like everyone else.

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Seriously though, they’re just fees, fees, and more fees.

6. The joy of shovelling your own walk in the winter.

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You will learn to love it, or you will be sued when someone slips.

7. The art of dealing with neighbours who will probably be there for most of forever.

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Be nice. You might want to get in on some of their BBQ action one day.

8. How to ~interior decorate~ because you own the place, and you can finally do whatever you want to it.

Here’s your chance to make all your childhood dreams come true.

9. Electrical wiring is always in the least convenient place.

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Knocking down walls is fun, but not if you have to rewire your whole place to do it.

10. How to fix stuff.

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Duct tape is tried and true, friends.

11. And how to hire someone who knows how to fix stuff when you give up.

Source: BuzzFeed.com/bmobankofmontreal
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