How to Make a Red Wine Sangria

 How to Make a Red Wine Sangria from @kitchenmagpie

The truth is, I feel a bit bad getting this recipe to you all so late. This summer went by in a whirl; with my cookbook coming up it feels like everything is in fast forward mode. Not only that, we chose to tackle some major landscaping the week before we had to leave for the States.

There’s nothing like planting eight large trees in your backyard when you have to get ready to leave your house for a month. Oh I tell you, Mike and I work best under last minute pressure.

And yes, it’s me, Karlynn, this time around. I’m not even going to wait until Thirsty Thursday this week to get a cocktail to you. Mike is busy working on a large amount of projects he has due and I’m going to take over and get this cocktail recipe to you all before it snows.

Who am I kidding. It already snowed in Alberta.


  How to Make a Red Wine Sangria from @kitchenmagpie

I’m going to be bold and call red wine sangria a two season drink. Maybe even three. I know, I know,  the words SUMMER and SANGRIA go together like peanut butter and jam. But while my Fizzy Peach Sangria is a light, refreshing summer drink that is an ode to my favourite summer fruit, red wine sangria’s are heavy. The only time I can see myself not drinking this is spring, after a long winter. Apple and orange flavour is the very last thing that you want to think of in the springtime.

Red wine sangria’s are full of the flavours of fall. Autumn is when we start celebrating apples. It’s also when we turn back to fruits like oranges that are cheaper and readily available, the bounty of the affordable summer crop of blackberries, strawberries and nectarines long behind us.

  How to Make a Red Wine Sangria from @kitchenmagpie

To make a traditional red wine sangria you need:

red Spanish table wine- usually dry and fruity
triple sec
orange juice
simple syrup
chopped up fruit

Of course, I changed my red wine sangria up. I added spiced rum instead of brandy, grabbed the first red wine I saw in my pantry, blueberries and used a sweet lemonade I had left in the fridge to sweeten it instead of simple syrup.

Let me tell you, that sweet lemonade worked like a charm. Between it and the sweetened orange juice I didn’t need a speck of simple sugar. And the spiced rum?


 How to Make a Red Wine Sangria from @kitchenmagpie

So embrace red wine sangria as your new fall drink. Load it up with apples, oranges and spiced rum to celebrate the season.

Happy cocktailing everyone!

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  How to Make a Red Wine Sangria from @kitchenmagpie

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