Spectacular Landscaping Ideas

Versatile Gravel

Pea gravel is useful for walkways, work areas and social spaces. It also fits easily among plants and shrubs and will stay attractive for a long time. Combine pea gravel with ornamental grasses for a stunning design.

Checkerboard Groundcover

Create a checkerboard design using gravel, wood dividers and low-growing, compact Acaena and sedum.


Pebble Swirl

Use pebbles of various colors and shapes to build creative patterns into pathway designs.


Path With Low-Growing Sedum

Low-growing sedum makes an interesting pattern among coarse gravel.


Use Slate Chips

Slate chips can be used to mulch pathways between plantings in a garden.


Woodland Path

A path created with bark chips and log rounds blends perfectly into a woodland setting.


Meandering Soft Pebble Path

Retain a soft pebble pathway by using brick edging for support. Soft surfacing for garden paths consists of natural materials that include combinations of stone, wood and shell.


Shredded Bark Mulch Used to Line Garden Pathway

Try shredded bark to mulch pathways lined with plants and stones in a garden.

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