GOJI - Future of Door Locks

Technology has tried to better every aspect of our daily lives.  Yet some most basic everyday conveniences still live in the past.  Door locks have been the same reliable key + lock combo for a very long time, refined over time to be more secure yet maintain the same familiar appearance.

Enter Goji.  The door lock is set to change forever.  The lock can be locked/unlocked from a world away.  The traditional key might become a thing of the past.  Home security/alarms can all be integrated.  The possibilities are endless.  I plan to make this lock a standard part of my package to all future clients, once it becomes readily available.  There are other similar options out there and yet Goji lock seems to stand apart from the crowd with unique and customizable features such as snap pic, remote lock/unlocking, timed entry etc.  It's a great crowd funded project and points to future of door locks.

Here are some info/first look at Goji.





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