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REALTOR®: As your REALTOR®, I will act as the captain, coordinating your team of professional services. I will be guiding you every step of the way. 


Home Inspections: Before you purchase a new home, I will arrange for a qualified home inspector to look for potential problems.


Condo Document Inspections: Before you purchase your new condo, I will arrange for a qualified condo document inspector to look at the documents for potential problems.


Lawyers:When it’s time to transfer your title, I can put you in touch with knowledgeable legal services that won’t break the bank.


Mortgages: Whether you like the big banks or independent lenders, I will help lower your rates and put more money in your pocket.


Due Diligence: Your contract will include subject clauses that entitle you to arrange financing, conduct a home inspection, have condo documents inspected and read all relevant papers before your make the final decision to buy the home.


Protection: I have extensive training in contract law. I will prepare a contract of purchase and sale that protects your position and best interests.


Deposit Cheque: Once you’ve made a final decision to buy the home you made an offer on, you will be required to write a deposit cheque toward the purchase of the home. This is a minimum of 5%.


Completion Day: A few days before you take ownership of the property, you will meet with your legal service provider to sign the documents. On the completion day, I will track the transfer of your home and tell you when everything is complete. Then you will get the keys and move in!


Raj Nijjar

Raj Nijjar

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