Benefits of Yog

You is a complete philosophy of life based on scientific principle and can be used efficiently for Self Realisation. It brings discipline in life. With yog, we work upon our system rather than our symptoms. The therapeutic use of Yog helps in removing toxins from body and nourishing our body with the support of righ food.

Benefits of Yog can be divided into two parts, Physical an Spiritual.

Physical Benefits:

1. Bringing the physica body in perfect Shap.

2. The muscles become flexible.

3. The body becomes energetic.

4. Through yog, we are able to improve quality of life. The negative forces, violence and immoral tendencies will be diminished through the positive and wholesome impact of Yog.

5. Finally, we achive complete physical, mental and spiritual health by balancing, excretory, skeletal, respiratory, nervous and endocrinal system.

Spiritual Benefits:

1. Self Ralisation - Atma Bodh

2. Atma Darshan, Which means we visualise our self-energy and perceive others within ourselves.

3. Attainment of - Sthit-pragyat, Which means overcoming of worldly desires, lust and materialistic greed. then we come to a complete still position and the soul rests in its own real self.

4. Gaytaya Prasn- Upon attaining the state of thoughtlessness and establishing conact with supreme power, divine knowledge manifests in the individula. Upon reaching this level only, one imparts new knowledge to the world.

5. Kaialyam or Gunatit Samadhi- this ensures body and universe was formed with three Tatvaas - SAT - RAJ & TAM. This three Tatvaas are reaponsible for snowledge, movement and Drishyam.

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