Tips for Selling Your Home During the Summer

Summer is in full swing! Flowers are in bloom, lawns are green and the interior of your home is lit by natural light. These are all great reasons to sell during the summer months. If you plan on putting your home on the market this summer, consider these tips to ensure your home sells quickly and for the best price:

Outdoor appeal: more than 30% of buyers begin their search for their next home online and the first thing they see is the outside. For homeowners this is a great opportunity to create a good first impression. A lush green lawn and groomed landscaping is appealing. Add a fresh coat of paint or stain to the front door and place a pot of colourful flowers beside the door. Balconies and decks on condos and townhouses can also benefit from some attention. Clean the floors, glass and railings. Show prospective buyers how relaxing the space can be comfortable.

Indoor improvements: most sellers face this dilemma: how much renovating to sell is too much? Investing thousands of dollars in a new kitchen may help you sell your home quickly but you may not recoup the full cost in the selling price. Every homeowner should address critical problems in their home such as replacing a broken dishwasher, cleaning the carpets and repairing a faulty garage door opener.

Vacant or furnished?: if you already purchased a new home, should you move your belongings before showings begin? It depends, some buyers like seeing vacant spaces because it helps them visualize filling a home with their own furniture and accessories. Other good reasons to show a vacant home would be if you have to many items overcrowding your home or your furniture is dated our an unusual style. Rooms usually look larger when they contain furniture. Home staging is about using colour, furniture placement and accessories to maximize the attractiveness of a home with the goal of improving the sale price and/or reducing the time on the market.

Go green!: be sure to let your real estate agent know about all the green features of your home such as drip irrigation, solar panels, insulated windows, high efficiency appliances, etc. If you are planning to renovate prior to listing your home, consider buying products that have been harvested or manufactured in environmentally friendly methods or items that are energy efficient. When painting, look for low-emission paints or recycled paint. With a growing number or chemicals in our environment, some people have become sensitive to air fresheners and fumes from cleaning products. As you prepare your home for showings, consider using products that are least likely to bother potential buyers.


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