Trying to Decide on Where to Buy a Home? Here’s How Much You Need to Earn in Every Major Canadian City

Real estate research tells people that investing in property is one of the best decisions you can make. This is known to be true aside from the economic crises that have affected every aspect of the Canadian economy. The price of investing in a home varies across Canada and depends on where you live. In order to calculate the amount of income you need to understand and know the purchase price of the home you’re interested in, the down payment, taxes, rate, utilities, and how much mortgage you need to qualify for per month, which needs to include a minimum of $100 per month for heating or cooling costs.

The average price of a home per city according to the Canadian Real Estate Association is determined by the property tax rates. For example, if the interest rate is 2.99% (which is the average qualifying rate for a 5-year fixed term and the down payment required is 10% of the purchase price and calculated a $100 a month fee for utilities, this will help you understand and figure out how much per month you will be spending on your home. Other factors you also need to focus on will include: the total month payment obligation from your credit care and how it will determine your mortgage qualification, LOC’s, personal and car loans, whether your car is leased and other types of credit that require a monthly payment.

Here are some examples of what you would need to earn if you wanted to purchase a home in each major Canadian real estate market:


  • Average price-$357,887
  • Monthly mortgage payment-$1,559
  • Property taxes-$336
  • Income required-$74, 820.28


  • Average price-$365,520
  • Mortgage payment-$1,592
  • Property taxes-$244
  • Income required-$72,647


  • Average price-$270,605
  • Monthly mortgage payment-$1,179
  • Property taxes-$274
  • Income required-$58,235


  • Average price-$465,047
  • Monthly mortgage payment-$2,026
  • Property taxes-$236
  • Income required-$88,578


  • Average price-$349,322
  • Monthly mortgage payment-$1,522
  • Property taxes-$366
  • Income required-$74,546


  • Average price-$331,161
  • Monthly mortgage payment-$1,443
  • Property taxes-$378
  • Income required-$72,028


  • Average price-$819,336
  • Monthly mortgage payment-$3,570
  • Property taxes-$251
  • Income required-$147,023


  • Average price-$587,505
  • Monthly mortgage payment-$2,560
  • Property taxes-$354
  • Income required-$113,009


  • Average price-$344,273
  • Monthly mortgage payment-$1,500
  • Property taxes-$237
  • Income required-$68,884


  • Average price-$264,447
  • Monthly mortgage payment-$1,152
  • Property taxes-$266
  • Income required-$56,929


Source: Toronto Star




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