Things You Need to Know Before You Hire an Agent

1. What makes you different? Why should I list my home with you?

The real estate industry has become much more difficult than it was a decade ago. What unique marketing plans and or programs does this agent have in place to make sure that your home stands out ? What other benefits does this agent offer you that others do not; to help you sell your home in the least amount of time with the least amount of hassle and for the top dollar?

2. What is your company's track record and reputation in the market place?

It may seem like everywhere you look, agents market themselves in every direction.  If you're like many homeowners, you've probably wanting more than marketing information. What you should be thinking is, ""Why should I care about how many homes one agent sold over another. The only thing I care about is whether they can sell my home quickly for the most amount of money.""

Well, because you want your home sold fast and for top dollar, you should be asking the agents you interview how many homes they have sold. If one agent is selling a lot of homes where another is selling only a handful, ask yourself why this might be? 

3. What are your marketing plans for my home?

How much money does this agent spend in advertising the homes they lists versus the other agents you are interviewing? In what media/social media (newspaper, magazine, TV, twitter, Facebook etc.) does this agent advertise? What does they know about the effectiveness of one medium over the other? 


By looking at a few important key factors you can determine which Realtor is right for you.

Raji Kang

Raji Kang

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