Ideas to help showcase your property

When the time comes to sell your property, you only have one chance to make a good first impression!

The following advice will help you draw attention to the aesthetic value of your property and at the same time, reduce the time of sale.

The way your property is seen from the outside is very important. An attractive exterior encourages buyers to visit the inside. Make sure that your yard is kept in good condition. During the winter, have photos showing the yard in summer to help buyers visualize it. Having everything neat and orderly is essential. A clean entrance and windows can make all the difference.

Inside, cleanness is key. Do a major cleanup from basement to attic to garage and get rid of all useless items. Remove old furniture that block hallways or clutter rooms. Clear away as much as possible so that visitors don't feel claustrophobic. Examine each room to determine which ones should be repainted. A freshly painted house often sells for more. Remember that dark colours will not help you sell. Use more neutral colours that appeal to the majority of buyers.

The state of your carpets is also a factor. Replace them or at least clean them well so each room smells fresh and clean. The kitchen and bathrooms must be spotless. Take the time to clean kitchen appliances and taps as well as the bathtub, sink and toilet. Clean up the counters and do not leave dishes in the sink or towels on the side of the bathtub. Let the buyer see all the storage space. Repair all taps that leak, all broken or loose door handles, all drawers or cupboard doors that don't close, etc. Replace light bulbs and electric plates. Most of these minor repairs cost little but will positively influence the buyer.

It is vital that your house be well lit. Open curtains during the day and turn on lights at night. If needed, add lamps in dark corners. Make sure that the house is aired out as most buyers are put off by strong smells.

Be discreet when a buyer is visiting. Let your broker talk to the client. It will be easier for him or her to show the positive aspects of your house and the client will be more at ease to talk.

When you cooperate with your real estate broker, you increase your chances of selling your property with the best possible conditions.



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