Tips for sellers

You've made the decision to sell your home. What comes next?

The first thing to take care of is to hire a real estate broker. Choose a licensed broker who is familiar with your neighborhood and with whom you can get along. (See my previous blog on "What to look for in a real-estate broker".)

Before putting your house on the market make all necessary repairs: fix leaky faucets, broken mirrors etc. A potential buyer will notice even the smallest things and will equate those with a general lack of maintenance.

Get rid of clutter. You may have been accumulating things for 5, 10 or even 30 years when you decide to sell. Potential buyers will not be able to have a clear picture of your house if it is too cluttered. Think about having a garage sale or donating any unwanted items to charity.

Do NOT overprice your home. If houses similar to yours are selling for $350000 and you decide to put yours up for sale at $500000, potential buyers will not even bother putting in any offers. This will only help sell the other properties on the market because they will be perceived as much better value.

Ask your broker for a detailed marketing plan. How do they intend to attract potential buyers to your property? How many open-house events will they hold? Any mailings or flyers? The more people see your property, the better chance that it will sell quickly.

About 3-4 weeks into the brokerage contract make an appointment with your broker to discuss or revise your marketing strategy: How strong was the initial interest in your property? Is it overpriced? What are the comments received following showings? 

Remember that you and your broker are working as a team towards a common goal: TO SELL YOUR PROPERTY.


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