How to cut cost when moving?


Whether it is a new home, new office, down the block, or across the country, moving is not always fun. One of the biggest concerns is the amount of money it can cost to move. Not only that moving can be stressful and tiring too plus the fees that come along with moving can quickly add up. Here's a few pro tips to help you save money and avoid the stress. 

  • Pack And Drive The Little Things Yourself:  The first tip for you to save some dollars on your moving cost is to pack the little stuff yourself. Packing your kitchenware, shoes or books yourself will take time and therefore money off your final moving bill. You could also drive the little stuff to the new place yourself and only have the movers take care of heavy items.
  • Get Rid of Unneeded Items: Most of us have many items we don’t seem to want to get rid of even though we never plan on using them again. To help you save the money, now is the perfect time to get rid of them.   It will also save you space and you won’t have to worry about packing them up and moving them (or paying to have them moved) when the big day comes. An easy and effective way to get rid of your unwanted items is to have a garage sale which will definitely put extra money in your pocket. You could also take some of your unwanted items to a local donation centre and have a tax deduction at the end of the year.
  • Improvise On Moving Supplies: Money spent on moving supplies is usually underestimated and can take a hit on your wallet. Luckily, moving supplies can be really affordable if you plan ahead. A good example to save money on moving supplies would be to collect free boxes from friends and family. Most people have extra boxes laying around anyways. Grocery stores can also provide you with free boxes if you ask. Even your workplace or office can have some free boxes for you. You could also use old clothing or newspaper to protect your fragile items instead of spending extra dollars on moving materials. If you are hiring a moving company, always ask which supplies they can also provide as well.
  • Prevent Any Damages: Make sure there is nothing in the way when moving items out of your home. Last thing you want is to damage your valuable things and ending up repairing them will definitely cost you. For example, you could pack your expensive flat screen in the original packaging if you still have it. In addition, your should be measuring your new place and see if your old furniture will fit through the doors and corners. If it doesn’t, consider adding them to your garage sale.
  • Ship Your Belongings: If you are moving long distance and don’t have many items to move, a more cost effective way would be to just ship them. Using USPS would be ideal because their shipping rates are affordable and may even end up costing you less than using a rented truck. However, if you end up shipping your items, make sure to use brand new boxes as they are more sturdy.
  • Do It With The Help Of Your Friends: If you have many friends with trucks or bigger cars, you can bribe them with some pizza and beers to let you use them and even help you move. This is where good friends come in handy. Just make sure will be driving off peak hours so that you won’t be wasting time, money and energy sitting in traffic with all your stuff loaded up. If you live in New York, you will need to take the less crowded routes at all times.
  • Hire A Low Cost Moving Company: If you’re not lucky enough to have friends with trucks or bigger cars, hiring a low cost moving company is very helpful and time efficient. Make sure you research different moving companies carefully to find as much information possible before choosing. Things to look for would be reviews, pricing, experience and any extra fees they may be charging you. Get estimates and bids from a handful of different companies to compare the pricing. Make sure all the details and prices are listed in writing to avoid any mishaps. They are working for you not the other way around so keep your priorities and expectations in mind when deciding and it will help a lot during your moving process.
  • Timing Is Everything: Moving companies charge more during the busy seasons or weekends. If you are able to plan your move date during the slow season like early winter, fall, or during the week, you can save a lot of money. Many companies are mostly busy at the beginning and end of each month, so always ask about the pricing to potentially save you on expenses. Moving companies will have more availability to fit you in their schedule and won’t have to charge more for their services.

Lastly, if you are continuing to stress about your move and unsure what to do because you are tight on money, just let your moving company know. They are humans too and they understand the situation and will most likely do what they can to help you out like trying to negotiate a moving deal. They can also provide tips or find ways to help you out. They want your businesses so anything they can do to make you more comfortable, they will make sure it happens.

If you apply all of these tips and tactics, you will be happy when you realize how much you actually ended up saving. It is easy to get carried away and end up paying whatever it takes just to get the job done


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