Top 5 Home Improvement Projects of 2018

Warmer weather is the perfect opportunity to get started on a home improvement project. Often these projects can turn into something you can't finish, below is a list of projects that can be started—and finished—in the course of a single weekend. Get ready to open up your toolbox and create some amazing style statements for your home.​

1. Transform your door: Tired of your boring old door but reluctant to entirely replace it? To start, decide whether you want to remove the door to paint, or paint it in place. If you do the latter, you can tape off the edges so paint won't splatter the frame. No matter what, remove the hardware first.

Then match new paint to the type of door you have (wood, metal, etc.) and sand away marks or bumps so the fresh coat adheres. Next, apply a primer and then two coats of paint—be sure to let each coat dry thoroughly. (Depending on the colour, you might need a third coat.) Use the angled brush for small nooks and the roller for the panels.

2. Refurbish the picnic table: Freshen your outdoor table for hot dog season with new stain. Scrub the wood, and allow it to dry thoroughly. Sand as needed, removing the residue with a rag. Stain the underside of the table first, and let it dry for two hours or so. Then flip it over and stain the top.

3. Plant herb buckets: Locate a spot on your deck or patio that gets at least six hours of sun a day. Fill planters most of the way with soil, and then loosen herb plants from their containers. Dig small holes to accommodate each plant, and then gently cover the base with more soil. Tamp the dirt down a bit, and water generously.

4. Refurbish the deck: Decks can be unsafe if you have loose, soft, or cracked wood, so check for rot by pushing the end of a screwdriver into each board. 

If the point goes in easily, the piece needs replacing. Before removing the old wood, though, measure it so you know the dimensions for your new pieces.Remove screws with the drill/driver, or nails with the puller, and then mark new boards for cutting with the saw. Lay new decking pieces in place, and attach with screws or nails to the joist below.

5. Paint the garage: Clean up the look of your garage floor with a chemical-resistant epoxy coating, which comes in multiple colours. Start by applying the concrete cleaner as directed, fill any cracks with epoxy paste and sand away excess when it's dry. Paint on the sealant, which acts as a primer, and allow it to dry all day. Paint a layer of epoxy coating, let it dry overnight, and then apply a second coat.

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