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Being educated usually required having access to a library. Now, we are able to find the answer to most things on the net. However, as real estate agents, we are constantly having to make decisions with less than perfect information at hand. Offer presentations and signbacks often put us in the unenviable position of needing info very quickly without making mistakes. And the info we require is not readily available at the library or on the net.

In thirty years of real estate, my info source has fallen on various people. All are, or were, managers of real estate companies, and only one has been in the same company as myself. She is Bev Breslow, manager of the Century 21 Heritage office in Thornhill. Over the years she has proven herself to be very conscientious, reliable, dedicated to her profession and colleagues and available at most times.

I recall that many agents would only work at an office that she managed. Her meetings would usually provide needed information, usually preceeded with a host of intricate puzzle questions to keep us interested. She has a collection of ornamental turtles, the reason for which I have still not asked "why". She always sent a Christmas card to me without fail, either to keep me thinking that she actually liked me, or that she was continually recruiting. She is, also, not afraid to receive the occasional e-mail, which I appreciate because she has not told me to take her off my e-mail list, like many of my former girlfriends and clients did.  :)

Most importantly, she has continued to provide the right answer for any real estate question that I could throw at her. She is, and has been, one of the three most knowledgeable real estate professionals that I have had the pleasure to know in my career. With her experience she has become to me more than just a friend, a colleague, a library and a manager...she has been a "wise, loyal advisor, a teacher, coach"...the PERFECT MENTOR.




Randy Corcoran

Randy Corcoran

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