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When you move into a new place, it’s a good idea to change all the locks. TWO REASONS: 

  1. You don’t know who has keys or how many are floating around. 

  1. New lock technology makes break-ins more difficult. 

In the past, skilled criminals picked locks, these days, unskilled intruders are using Bump Keys. Easy to come by, and needing little experience to be effective, Bump Keys can be purchased on the Internet for almost any kind of lock. 

Not all locks can be “bumped”. Look for a manufacturer promoting a “bump-proof” mechanism. 



Moving may be a time of mayhem, but it also presents an ideal opportunity to photograph and document your belongings and keep a record of them. Be sure to include descriptions and serial numbers, and scan the original sales receipts and warranties if you can. 

Security Experts agree that one of the best ways to protect your possessions is to engrave your Driver’s License number on valuables, such as cameras, computers, and small electronics. Next, take photos of all the personal identification you carry in your wallet or purse. Store the digital records in an off-site safety deposit box. 

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