Where are the great deals from a buyer or investors point of view?

Firstly, there is a very long answer to this explaining an individual’s person goals. So I will say that I look for these three things: is the seller an investor? Is the property in an area I can drive to in 1.5 hours? Do the numbers make sense for a liquid investment?
Is the seller an investor?
As an investor myself, I hate dealing with inexperienced investors that are selling or buying their first investment property due to their lack of understanding of the different ways to look at a deal. I look for the investors and ask them for deals. I am willing to work with an investor that talks my language. Most investors do. Take a look at some of the deals below, and I have others that may be structured in a purchase to be an investment.
Is the property in area I can drive to in 1.5 hours?
I have learned from experience distance matters, even if I have property management. Market dynamics are more measurable and I have more control over my investment. Most experience investors I know say the same.
Do the numbers make sense for a liquid investment?
A lot of out of town real estate makes sense but try selling it! It could take you years! I am willing to forgo some of the rental income to get liquidity if I want to sell and sometimes I get both liquidity and phenomenal rents, but that is usually reflected in the price!

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