Decor colour choices

Although picking a room's colour is very personal, it is worth noting that various studies have linked psychological behaviour with specific colour tones. It is believed by many experts that certain colours can influence human moods or motivations. The following is a general interpretation of commonly held views about how we perceive colour. This may help you decide on colours you'll use on your next interior painting or decorating project: White: cleanliness, purity, innocence; Yellow: concentration, attentiveness, optimism; Orange: abundance, expressiveness; passion; Red: emotion, creativity, appetite; Purple: status, opulence, indulgence; Blue: trust, confidence, productivity; Green: tranquility, comfort, nourishment; Brown: honesty, sincerity, simplicity: Black: contemplation, dedication, commitment.

These are the basic colour lines and many subtle shades and hues that can affect emotional responses. As a result, complementary colours can sometimes seem to conflict with your primary selection. So, even with sscientific information, it is helpful to consider your instincts as well.

As the holiday season approaches, many people think of repainting after the holiday in preparation of selling their house in the followwing year. Why not repaint and enjoy the fruits of your labour over the holidays and reduce the work needed to prepare your home for sale.

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