Rocky Mountain House - Rental Vacancy

Rocky Mountain House - Rental Vacancy

There is a lot of chatter within the Rocky Mountain House and the Clearwater County about rental vacancy. If you look on line whether it is Kijiji or social media sites there are numerous individuals “In Search Of” a home to rent.   Rocky Mountain House is not unique to this problem, there are many communities across Alberta where the rental demand is much greater than the supply.  

If you are searching for a rental property in Rocky Mountain House there are a few places you can start your search. Below are links to some resources that may assist you in your rental search:

  • The Rocky Mountaineer Newspaper -
  • Kijiji - narrow your search by selecting one of the 7 sub-categories under Real estate for rent. If you type “Rocky Mountain House” in the upper search box this will narrow your search even further.
  • The town of Rocky Mountain House has useful Real Estate links on its website at:
  • R V B Property Managements Ltd
  • Facebook is another option Search "Rocky" or "Rocky Mountain House" for local groups that may have posts advertising properties for rent.

At Century 21 Westcountry Realty Ltd we do not managed rental properties, we do however keep a running list of people “In Search Of” rental properties and pass this information onto our agents in the event that one of their clients might be looking to rent their property on  a short term basis. 

If you would like to speak to an agent about purchasing a home whether you are a first time home buyer, relocating to Rocky Mountain House, looking for an investment opportunity or looking to up-size or down-size we are your local experts SMARTER. BOLDER. FASTER.

Call Century 21 Westcountry Realty Ltd. at 403-845-7772 or email and one of our Agents will be happy to assist you whatever your needs might be.

For further information on the rental market refer to the following document published by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) in the fall of 2013 -

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