Do I need a Home Inspection?

Do you need to do a home inspection? The answer to this question depends on understanding what a home inspection is and what it covers.


A home inspection is an assessment of the condition of a property usually conducted by a buyer or seller and sometimes by both parties. It is a written report provided by a qualified home inspector and examines the home’s major systems which include:

  1. Foundation

  2. Heating & Cooling Systems

  3. Plumbing

  4. Electrical

  5. Roofing

  6. Water & Sewage

  7. Evidence of the existence of Insects

  8. Fire, Electrical & Other Safety Precautions

  9. Other factors that could seriously devalue the property


Home inspectors usually do not guarantee or provide any warranties with regards to the future of the house, they also do not make the buying decision for you. It is merely a report outlining the current condition of the house. If there are any issues with one or more of the major home systems outlined in the report, as a buyer you have a few options.


  1. If you have a home inspection condition with an escape clause in the agreement of purchase and sale, you can back out of the deal and recover your deposit.

  2. If you have a home inspection condition with an escape clause in the agreement of purchase and sale, you can request the seller to fix the issue in question or compensate you either by a price reduction or any other reasonable agreement between both parties.

  3. As a buyer you can decide to accept the home as is and fix the defects yourself. This would usually happen if the buyer understands that the home is a good value regardless of the defects.


A home inspection is usually a good idea if you are purchasing an older resale home. It is always a good idea to discuss your options with your Realtor.


The typical cost of a home inspection in Ontario can be as low as $200 +HST for smaller properties and condos to as high as $450+HST for larger properties.


For more information you can visit The Canadian Association of Home & Property Inspectors® (CAHPI®). Their mission is to promote and develop the home inspection profession.

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