Getting Your Home Ready to Market

While working with Sellers, I get asked a lot about getting a house ready to market so I thought I would share some of my advice.

At the point of marketing your home for sale my best advice is to begin removing your emotions from your home, you are starting the process of moving on. The objective is to allow potential buyers to see your property as their new home. You need try to make your property anonymous by removing personal touches. You’ve done a great job making this house your home, now it’s time to shift and let someone make it theirs. So consider this step as the first step in moving by packing up the fridge art, family photos, collectable items and such.

De-cluttering serves many purpose, first it shows that the house has enough storage and space. The goal is to have lots of open space. A great place to start is actually the kitchen. Every Buyer Agent looks under the sink so ensure that this area is clean, plumbing is easy to see and odor free! Kitchen counter space is extremely significant to many therefore counters should be clutter free. Inside cabinets should be tidy. This is a good time to thin out the old storage containers and recycle the ones without lids.

Closets should be thinned out. Only the clothes for this season should be in it. This will show that your closets are large enough. Be sure to store only what you need. You may at this point consider renting a storage unit, or as an alternative neatly stack in a corner of a garage or basement area your neatly packed items.

I like to remind people to pay attention to the windows. Make sure your windows open easily and are clean. If they do not slide easily, you may want to give them a quick spray with DW40.

I have two dogs myself and can tell you from my own experience that dog beds can get a little smelly! When you are listing and have a pooch or two, be aware that their beds may need a little extra washing during the marketing process!

Wishing you Happy Packing …


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