Meet Naznin Daruwalla of Neu Dekor Home Staging & Design

Naznin Daruwalla is a GTA-based home staging and design specialist who helps Realtors stage homes to sell.

Naznin Daruwalla

Neu Dekor Home Staging & Design
(647) 262-4168

How do you describe your business – your 30 second pitch?

Home Staging...The first step is to go and give a one-on-one consultation to our client. The Second step is fully staging the entire property, where I take in fresh towels & candles, artwork, linens, throws, decorative pillows, and furniture if required. We also do renovating, painting, flooring-laminate, hardwood, ceramic, porcelain etc., kitchen and bathroom updating, lighting, etc. We provide everything our clients need to make the property look stunning and ready within their budget.

What motivated you to start your business?

My passion for design, my background in business and design studies combined with the pleasure I get every time I see a clients face glow with happiness when they see the end results of my work.

What motivates you to go to work every morning?

Seeing the joy on my clients faces motivates me the most...not only when the staging is complete but also when their homes are sold with a great price and equally fast.

What skills are required in your position on a day-to-day basis?

The most important skill besides your education and experience is people skills. I realize it is not easy for a family to just have someone come into their homes and give them suggestions on de-cluttering, but the art of making them feel comfortable having me there and wanting to take my tips and suggestions is my most important skill.

Why do your clients select you over your competitors?

My Realtors choose me not only because they are extremely happy with my work and pricing, but also because they are confident to have me as a part of their team at their clients’ homes. I am very sensitive to our clients feelings, making every client feel extremely comfortable is my most important priority.


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