Who is responsible for Maintenance and Repairs in My Condo Unit?

Generally, repairs to common elements are the responsibility of the corporation; repairs to the unit are the owner's responsibility. For example, if the swimming pool in a condominium needs resurfacing, the condominium corpo­ ration must take care of this, with the cost paid from the common expenses.  If a unit owner is responsible for maintaining and/or repairing the unit  and/or a portion of the common elements, then the owner is  responsible  and  if  the owner fails to do it, the corporation can do it and recover the cost of the repairs from the unit owner.

 Maintenance to parts of the common elements which are exclusively used by the unit owner - such as a balcony or a patio, may be the responsibility of the individual owner or of the corporation, depending on what the declaration pro­vides.

If repairs must be made inside your unit - if, for example, your sink doesn't drain - the responsibility for the repairs is normally yours.  For this reason, it is a good idea, in a new project where appliances have been provided, to find out about the guarantees and warranties. Are you responsible for parts and labour costs? The builder is not responsible for such costs, nor is the corporation

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