Condo living? - Don't Prance Around Naked

Top 5 Do's and Don'ts When Living In A Condo
Condo living definitely has it's perks, especially when it's located in an active area with plenty of nearby amenities, access to public transportation and great people to meet.
Because you're living amongst other condo dwellers, I think there are a few things (mostly common sense items) that you should  keep in consideration.
1. Don't prance around your unit naked. Unless you're a serious voyeur, you shouldn't be walking around your place in the buff unless you're sure you have privacy.  Remember, your window could most likely be at the perfect level to put on a show.
2. Control your lick friendly pet.  You could have the most adorable dog in the world, but when in a confined space, such as an elevator, keep your pet under check.  No one will say it, but it's not cool when a licky licky dog starts licking your groin area as you're on your way out for a dinner date.  Arriving at the restaurant with a wet spot is quite embarrassing.

3. A smile or a hello can spark a thousand reactions.  A smile from a passing by neighbour, or just saying hello, can be the beginning of a long long relationship.  Because of that initial smile, I have had the most interesting convo's, and made some really good friends!

4. Go to your building mixers.  For the same reason as above.  This is a perfect opportunity to get acquainted with your neighbours

5. Don't light up in the hall.  Smoking in common areas is not cool, especially any foreign narcotic. Medicinal or not, I'm quite certain your neighbour doesn't  appreciate a puff puff pass session in front of her door.
Basically, it boils down to "Do onto others as you would have them do onto you".  Enjoy your space and the people that surround you.  Condo living can be quite fun and interesting if you allow it to be.