Dog Days of a Realtor

As a Realtor I do more than list or show and sell homes.  I have found myself more than once lending a hand when needing to make a home look welcoming and appealing to the Buyers.  I have done dishes, took out garbage, swept floors, pick up items laying around.  I have even gone so far to hire a cleaning crew to come in and clean up a very dirty home, just so that it will show better.  Do I mind doing these things?  Not at all. 

Recently I listed this amazing home for sale, and the Sellers own this very big, but very friendly 175 pound Mastiff.  I received a showing request, but my Seller was at work and could not make it home to get her dog out of the house in time for the viewing.  So being the SUPER Realtor that I am, offered to drive to their home and take this dog for a walk while the house was being shown by another Realtor.

Now please note that I LOVE dogs, in fact I have two of my own (Schnauzers), so I went in with lots of determination and spirit thinking to myself that I could walk this dog with as much ease as I do my two little puppies.

I had only met this dog twice before, so I was relatively a stranger to her, so I was not sure how she was going to react to this stranger coming into her home and taking her out for a walk. 

She seen me though the glass windows beside the front door, and did her duty and barked at me while I was turning the key in the lock.  I know from having dogs that I had to show no fear and act like this was an every day occurrence.  I said her name and asked how she was and as her massive tail wagged side to side, my confidence grew and my thought was "I got this!"

I managed to get a leash on her, and told her we were going for a walk.  She seemed to understand and followed me outside and graciously waited as I relocked the home. 

Remembering dog training books I read, said that you as a human had to establish that I was the leader of this newly developed pack, so I walked her down to the end of the driveway, and said in my most dominant voice "STOP".  I was surprised when this dog who barely even knew me stopped.  WOW I thought, the books were right.  Let's see what else I could accomplish. 

Again in my dominant voice I said her name, and "SIT" and gently pushed down on her hind quarters.  Amazingly she sat.  INCREDIBLE!  Could I be the next Dog Whisperer??? 

So with a whole lot of confidence we started to cross the street.  This should of been my first indication that this walk was going to be a power struggle between woman and dog.

The opposite curb was much too appealing to the dog to listen to this stranger at the other end of this leash.  She pulled and away we went.  Thankfully the curb was close and she stopped to smell what doggies smell for, while I caught up to her.

I can do this I said.  Exude cconfidence!  I was going to show this dog who was boss.  She did good the first 30 steps or so, but we were getting closer to the next intersection of the subdivision and, oh look at that, another lamp post.  I was suddenly propelled in a rapid forward motion again.

OK I though, I have to keep this dog out of the house for at least a half hour so the other Realtor could show the home, so I made her sit again, and I stood in front of her, and told her as sternly as I could.  "We need to go for a walk, not a tug of war, so please lets work together and get around these two subdivision blocks without too much of a power struggle"

She was looking at me, but did she understand?  Who knows, but forward we went, and it was a give and take the whole walk.  Sometimes she would listen and walk right beside me, mainly because she had no choice as I had the leash very tight to me.  Occasionally she would just decide to go and smell the upcoming bush or tree. 

I had one neighbour comment on what a beautiful dog she was and how well behaved.  I said thank you but I wasn't the owner of the dog, but the Realtor of her owner, and this was the type of service I provided to my clients. They looked shocked.   

Realizing this was an opportunity in disguise, I asked if they were thinking of buying or selling or knew of someone who was looking for a Realtor. Checking my pocket,  I found some business cards, and gave them two, before my new found doggie girl friend decided she wanted to move on and smell what layed ahead.

We were two houses away from her home when I spotted the other Realtor come out of the home with his clients and get in his car and drive away.  By this time my hands from holding onto the leash and controlling this loveable dog were burning and aching, but I dropped her back into her home, got her some fresh water, and gave her a doggie treat for being such a good girl.

So the next time you think that Realtors have an easy job, and don't do anything to earn our commissions.  Think again.