Home Security Options

Home security options from simple to sophisticated Making the right choice for your home and your family is easy with a few considerations.

1. Look at your most frequently used points of entry. Often times the doors that are used the most, like a kitchen or garage door, are the least secure. Start with Grade 1 deadbolts for these doors.

2. Consider who is accessing your entry doors. Do your children come and go with their own keys? Do you have additional family members, babysitters, house keeper or dog walker who need access to your home? In these situations, electronic security is a great solution.

3. Think about your personal schedule and time spent away from your home. Families who travel often or with hectic schedules prefer the ease of remote security while on the go.

Deadbolts For your most important line of defense, make sure you install deadbolts on every entry door to your house. Schlage’s Grade 1 deadbolts, offer professional grade security with the biggest adjustable bolt available. Consider all points of entry. Deadbolt with keyed entry from both sides can enhance security for doors with panel glass (remember to check your local building codes before installing this solution).

Electronic Security Electronic security is a great upgrade for today’s families on the go. With no keys to hide, lose or forget, your family can come and go with peace of mind. Going out of town and need a friend or family member to check on your home while you’re away? With a keypad deadbolt you can add, change or delete user codes in seconds. Have a tool shed that needs to stay locked but you’re tired of searching for the key every time you need to get in? A keypad entry lock is the simple solution.

Nexia™ Home Intelligence The Nexia Home Intelligence integrates the latest technological innovations with lock and design for remote home management that really sets you free. If you need access from anywhere – your office, vacation or even the grocery store – choosing Nexia is the ideal solution. Get set up with the Nexia Home Security Bundle, which includes: Schlage Home Wireless Keypad Lever, Nexia Bridge, Schlage Home Indoor Camera and Schlage Home Dimmer Module. Then build your system as you identify the components that best suit your needs. A Schlage Home Appliance Module or Trane Home Energy Management Thermostat can be added to the system for greater remote access and control

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