Howard Ave Roundabout - RULES to use it properly

Windsor-Essex Parkway construction crews have been working hard this summer at the east end of the Parkway to complete the new Howard Avenue Diversion and roundabout. The new multi-lane roundabout will connect Highway 401 on/off ramps, Highway 3 and the Howard Avenue Diversion (County Road 9). It is anticipated that these Parkway features will open to traffic soon. Through our consultation events and calls to our offices we understand there are a lot of questions about the roundabout and how to use it. In response to this please read on to learn more about this exciting Parkway feature.

Rules for Roundabouts

1. Slow down as you approach the roundabout. Keep to the right of the Splitter Island.

2. Use the correct lane for your intended destination.

3. Pay special attention to pedestrians who may be crossing the roadway. (Note: the Parkway roundabout does not include pedestrian crosswalks.)

4. Watch for vehicles already in the roundabout.

5. Traffic in the roundabout always has the right-of-way. Entering vehicles must always yield.

6. Enter the roundabout when there is an adequate gap in the circulating traffic.

7. In the roundabout, keep to the right of the Central Island and travel in a counter-clockwise direction.

8. Do not stop, pass large vehicles or change lanes within the roundabout.

9. Use your right-turn signal when exiting the roundabout.

10. If you miss your exit, continue around the roundabout again and exit.

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