Spring Fix--Re doing your deck

As spring and summer approach we'll spend more time outside! But before you host a barbecue, your deck may need a makeover!

Mr. Fix It Tom Garcia showed us a process that didn't involve removing or replacing any wood! Garcia says replacing the deck boards can be expansive and involve expansive labor. So he used a Sherwin Williams product called Super Deck and worked with Dale Roach from Dale Roach Painting to put it on.

He said the first step is to clean the deck. That involves pressure washing it so it's totally clean, to remove any mold or mildew. Let it dry and then make sure any nails that may have popped up are put back down before you start the process.

Next you need to cut in and this is not difficult but it takes a little time because this is critical. You need to cut in along the edges so that then you can come back and roll it,

The product is incredible because it's incredibly thick. so when you have a check in the wood and you paint it on, it actually falls into the void and fills that check. It takes two coats to complete the project.

Wait about 2 or 3 hours between coats and you will end up with a truly transformed deck!